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for symphonic band

Program Notes:


In Reminiscence, the composer conveys his emotions as he looks back at distant memories in his childhood.  The experience of looking at pictures from the past is often polluted by the events that took place between then and the present, as if looking at a scenery through a glass window that has not been cleaned for many years.  There is a certain drama associated with reminiscence.  We are reminded that time is always forward moving, and we can never go back, can never be in that moment again.  

The three movements are inter-connected, and the piece is played without silent breaks in between.  The outer movements are based on the same primary theme, and are chamber-like and light in orchestration.   In these movements, most instruments play “solo”, allowing each player to shine in a dialogue around the primary theme.  The middle movement is an energetic and playful variation of the outer movements’ primary theme.  One can hear subtle hints at elements of Persian folk music throughout the piece.  

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